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A 7-year adjustable rate mortgage (ARM) is excellent if you’re planning to own a house for a limited amount of time. While most buyers opt for fixed-rate loans, a 7-year adjustable rate loan is an option with many advantages for the modern homebuyer. For example, you’ll instantly benefit if mortgage rates go down after the 5-year period!


When you partner with Loan Cabin to take out a 7-year adjustable-rate home loan, you’ll get:

  • An honest, transparent, experienced lending company
  • A friendly mortgage banking professional to answer your questions
  • A simple, efficient mortgage process that saves you time and energy
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How long are you planning to stay in your home?

Many of today’s homeowners need flexibility due to their job or other situations. If you’re not going to stay in a home for 30 years, why get the most common type of mortgage? The 7-year ARM may be a better option.

Would you prefer consistent monthly payments?

You’ll have a fixed monthly payment for the first 7 years of this loan, but after that, your monthly bill will change each year when the loan is reset.

How much budget do you have planned for your house payment?

Depending on your situation, you may be able to save on rates with a 7/1 ARM versus the traditional 30-year loan.

Are you retiring anytime soon?

If you are on a fixed income during retirement, an adjustable-rate mortgage may not be for you. After you retire from working, you need predictable monthly bills. You might be in trouble if you have an ARM and interest rates go up.

Did you Know

An adjustable-rate mortgage (ARM) is also known as a variable-rate mortgage or a tracker mortgage. Whatever you call it, Loan Cabin is here to help you get it!