Loan Servicing

5 questions

How will my loan be serviced after closing?


Loan Cabin will service your loan for a short period after it closes, usually about 30 days. After 15-30 days Loan Cabin will sell your loan on the secondary market and transfer loan servicing.

After that, we will transfer your loan to a permanent servicer. We have a large roster of reputable servicers and mortgage investors including major US banks, government-sponsored entities, publicly-traded mortgage companies, and specialized servicing firms. We collect third-party reviews and survey our borrowers post-transfer to ensure the permanent servicers are quality partners.

I thought Loan Cabin is a direct lender, not a broker


What a broker does is sell your loan application to another lender. We don’t do that.

As a direct lender, we process your application, underwrite, close, and fund your loan. We access the capital markets to find you the lowest rate possible and match you to the investor who best matches your loan profile. We take 100% responsibility for the entire process, including making sure the transfer to your permanent servicer goes smoothly.

Our goal is to provide full transparency. You can always ask your loan officer about your loan’s permanent servicer, or email hello@loancabin.com

How do I make my first payment?


After your loan closes, you will receive instructions by email and in writing on where to direct your first payment.

In some cases, your first payment will be made to us. In others, your loan may be transferred quickly enough that your first payment will be to the permanent servicer.

Official notification of your transfer and new payment instructions will come via US mail, and should arrive no fewer than 10 calendar days before your payment is due to your permanent servicer.

Can I set up automatic payments with Loan Cabin?


We recommended making a one-time payment, as your loan will very likely be transferred to a permanent servicer before the second payment is due.